We know how difficult managing personnel issues can be. Protect your firm from the litigious nature of today’s workplace. Fill out the form to the right and an ALPS representative will contact you about employment practices liability coverage. 

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) isn’t typically part of your standard business or malpractice insurance policy, however your firm needs this important protection. We are proud to provide ALPS Law Firm Protect as a separate policy available to our lawyers’ malpractice insurance policyholders for as low as $75 per attorney. Higher limits are available.

ALPS Law Firm Protect provides EPLI coverage for your firm in the event of an employment practices complaint. Policy highlights include:

  • No “intentional acts” exclusion, subject to applicable state law
  • Coverage for employment practices, including lawsuits arising from:

- Non-employee third-party claims coverage, excluding ADA claims

- Discrimination

- Sexual harassment

- Wrongful demotion or wrongful discipline

- Negligent evaluation

- Wrongful termination

- Failure to employ or promote

- Breach of employment contract

- Deprivation of career opportunities

- Wrongful infliction of emotional distress

  • Broad definition of insured to include the firm, its directors, officers, and employees (including full-time, part-time, seasonal, temporary, leased and loaned)
  • Broad definition of a claim to include written demands for monetary damage, as well as criminal, civil, administrative, and regulatory proceedings, investigations, and arbitrations
  • Broad definition of “Employment Practices Wrongful Act” to include coverage for actual or alleged wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, third-party discrimination, third-party harassment, and other workplace torts



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