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Not safeguarding your electronic data could be catastrophic for your firm, your reputation and your livelihood. Fill out the form to the right and an ALPS representative will contact you about Cyber Coverage. 

The trust you build with your clients is your firm’s most valuable asset. If that information is compromised, ALPS Cyber Response is your one-stop breach response solution. ALPS Cyber Response is a separate policy available to our lawyers’ malpractice insurance policyholders for as low as $50 per attorney. Higher limits are available. 

One of the greatest benefits of ALPS Cyber Response coverage is its built-in privacy breach response services, which include:

  • A computer security expert to determine existence and cause of an electronic data breach which results in a theft, loss or unauthorized disclosure of non-public information which may require the insured to comply with notice and other requirements under federal and state privacy laws and to determine the extent to which such information was accessed by unauthorized persons
  • Access to educational and loss control information for the Named Insured

ALPS Cyber Response was designed by cyber risk experts and is tailored specifically to attorneys, providing real time solutions if your electronic data is breached. The ALPS Cyber Response policy covers:

  • Claims for violation of privacy laws
  • Theft, loss or unauthorized disclosure of personally identifiable non-public information
  • Disclosures which directly result from failure of computer security to prevent a security breach
  • Alteration, corruption, destruction, deletion, or damage to a data asset stored on a computer system
  • Failure to prevent transmission of malicious code from a computer system to third party computer systems
  • Costs of claims expenses and penalties incurred as a result of regulatory proceedings
  • Claims expenses and damages arising from or in the course of “covered media activities” (this refers to display of media material on           the insured organization’s website)
  • Website media content liability arising from covered media activities
  • Crisis management and public relations expenses incurred resulting from a “Public Relations Event” (the publication or imminent  publication in a newspaper, on radio or television of a covered claim under the policy)
  • Coverage extends worldwide for a covered loss



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