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Today's attorneys have many choices when it comes to their Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurance.  There was a time, however, when the legal community struggled to find affordable and accessible coverage. During the insurance crisis of the mid-1980s, many lawyers found professional liability insurance coverage to be cost prohibitive or completely unavailable in some states. In response, the bar associations of the four core states of West Virginia, Montana, Kansas, and South Dakota joined forces to form the first multi-state, bar-related insurance company: Attorneys Liability Protection Society, A Mutual Risk Retention Group (ALPS RRG).

Over the past two decades, ALPS RRG has expanded coverage to 26 states and territories - and we've never left a jurisdiction we've entered. We are officially endorsed by more bar associations than any other insurance company. In addition to the stability we've provided to the marketplace, ALPS is known for outstanding customer services and high-caliber risk management and CLE programing. We invite you to find out more about ALPS, who we serve, why our policy stands out and the multitude of other services we offer to the legal community.

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